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AP: Do you believe that whatever allowed you to relate your lyrics to regular people was a product of living as a regular person? Now that you’re successful, will it be more difficult?

Pete: No, I think I don’t feel safe in my own skin whether it be sitting around in Wilmett, IL or sitting around in Hollywood. I’m that kind of person who probably has a bit too much anxiety and over works things in his head. I’ve never ever tried to write down to people. I’ve never sat there and been like, “We should write songs about lunch room and high school.” I don’t think I could ever write like that. It’s always been kind of how my own head works and I think that I appreciate that people kind of relate to it. But at the same time, it boggles my mind, because I kind of think that everybody thinks that no one understands how they work, but the truth is, a lot of people do.  

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Probably what happens when people listen to "Let It Go" on their radio when they are driving, by Dan Howell